USCIS Case Status

On 06.27.13 | In USCIS Blog, By USCIS Info

Department-of-HomelandU. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) maintains a website that allows individuals to check the status of their USCIS case status online. The site monitors petitions and applications by their receipt numbers and tracks them as they move through up to nine different stages —the stages involved depend on the form submitted and the petitions or applications being made.

Applicants who visit the USCIS website to check their USCIS case status online will be told that their application is in one of the following nine stages:

Acceptance: This is the first step in processing a request, when USCIS has accepted the paperwork submitted by the applicant but will not necessarily process and approve it. In this stage, documents can be rejected if they are not properly filed, not signed by the applicant, or not accompanied by the necessary fees.

Initial Review: This is the step where USCIS determines whether there are national security issues involved with the applicant’s request and whether there are any indications of possible fraud in the provided information. It is also when background checks are begun and biometric appointments are scheduled, if necessary.

Request for Evidence: Petitions or applications go through this step when USCIS decides that the submitted paperwork is lacking supporting evidence. The applicant may be asked to provide initial evidence that should have been submitted with the form, or additional evidence to show why a petition or application should be approved.

Request for Evidence Response Review: In this step, USCIS examines the evidence provided after a request for evidence was made in the previous step.

Testing and Interview: This is the point where USCIS schedules an interview and administers the English and civics tests required for citizenship (in cases where an individual has applied for naturalization). USCIS may not require an interview depending on the type of form submitted.

Decision: In this step, USCIS makes the formal decision to approve or deny a request.

Post Decision Activity: This is when USCIS sends notification to the Department of State or National Visa Center showing that it has approved an application or decision. Alternatively, this is the point where USCIS processes an appeal or motion to reopen or reconsider an individual’s case.

Oath Ceremony: For naturalized U.S. citizens, this is the step where they receive their certificate of citizenship and take the oath of citizenship.

Card/Document Production: At this point, USCIS will issue permanent resident cards (also known as “green cards”) or documents such as travel documents or naturalization certificates. It is the final step in the process.

Not all applications will need to go through all nine stages of the approval process, but individuals checking their USCIS case status online can sign up to receive e-mail alerts to let them know when their case status has been updated.

To check the status of your own USCIS case status online, please visit https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/Dashboard.do