USCIS Case Updates

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) offers a variety of online tools to help its customers. USCIS customers who file immigration or naturalization applications can receive automatic updates on their cases. The processing times for USCIS local offices and the different service centers are updated every month. However, processing times offered by USCIS are just a projection of how long the agency is likely to take to process the cases. USCIS Processing Time Information webpage will be updated as and when the agency processes cases. This information will help the customers to know how long USCIS is likely to take to process their applications.

USCIS will first work on cases that were filed at an earlier time and will then move on to the ones that were filed recently. Processing times for all the applications are not the same. While it might take six months to process certain applications, it could take several years to process certain other applications.

While waiting for USCIS to decide on their cases, applicants can track the processing of their cases. They can do so by using their application receipt numbers at USCIS My Case Status.

Beneficiaries of immigration benefits who are waiting to hear from USCIS can call their customer service department for information on their cases. They need to provide their receipt numbers to the customer service representative to obtain information. Applicants also can make InfoPass appointments and meet immigration officers and obtain information they require.

People can sign-up to receive text messages or e-mails when USCIS accepts their applications, by filing Form G-1145 at the time of filing their applications with USCIS. However, this does not apply to all the applicants; this service is available only to forms filed at the Lewisville, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; and Phoenix, Arizona lockbox facilities. These notifications will only include the applicants’ receipt numbers and information on how they can obtain information on their cases.