Tips for Filing Immigration Forms with USCIS

Prior to filing an immigration or a naturalization application with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), you will need to understand how the USCIS application process works. USCIS forms come with form filing instructions that applicants need to read and follow. Form filing fees, eligibility requirements, required supporting documents and the mailing address will vary depending on the USCIS form you are filing.

The following tips, will help you to successfully file forms with USCIS.

  • Use the current version of the form. Ensure that you are not filing an outdated version.
  • There are forms that can be filed online. But this option is not available to all the forms. Some forms must be completed and mailed to the USCIS Lockbox facility. However, you can complete the forms online, print them and then file them after affixing your signature.
  • If you are completing a USCIS form by hand, you need to use black ink to fill out the form. If you make a mistake while completing your form, start off again with a new form. The special scanners USCIS uses to read your form may not read the information that has been corrected using correction fluid or grayed out.
  • USCIS will return incomplete forms to you for corrections which is likely to delay your application. To avoid such circumstances, you must complete all the form fields and answer N/A for questions that do not suit your situation.
  • Go through the form instructions to know what supporting documents you need to submit. Without the required initial evidence, USCIS may not be able to decide on your case.
  • Certified English translations must be submitted if your supporting documents are not in English.
  • After completing your form, check whether you have affixed your signature and if you have answered all the questions. See to it that you have written your name and date of birth in the same format on all the forms you are filing (in case you are filing multiple forms together).
  • Enclose a check or a money order for the appropriate form filing fee and mail the form to the right USCIS office.