Post Decision Activity

Post decision activity includes actions taken by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) after it adjudicates a petition. During this step, USCIS may send notifications of the approved petitions to the National Visa Center (NVC) or the U.S. Department of State. This step will include processing of appeals or motions to reopen cases for denied applications.

Post decision activity may include not just one but several steps. You can check the steps online using your application receipt number. Using the USCIS My Case Status, you can check the status of your case. This will help you to know in which stage your case is in.

Once you file an immigration or a naturalization application with USCIS, the agency will first review your application and check it for accuracy. This first step is acceptance. USCIS will accept your application only if it is signed and filed with the right fee. Your petition will not be considered if it is incomplete or not signed.

A completed and signed form will be accepted, but acceptance does not mean that your immigration request has been approved. In the acceptance stage, your petition and supporting documents will be reviewed and in case additional information is required, the agency will send you a request for evidence (RFE). If you receive an RFE, you will need to respond to it within the given time frame.

Followed by that, you may be required to submit biometrics information. If an interview is required, an interview appointment notice will be sent to you. Separate notices will be sent for the biometrics appointment and for the interview. USCIS will decide on your case depending on your eligibility for the immigration benefit for which you have applied and then take a formal decision to either approve or deny your request.

Post decision activity includes actions taken by USCIS after it takes a formal decision. If an application is approved, USCIS will move on to the next step and forward the approved application to the NVC for further processing. In case your application is denied and if you appeal the decision, USCIS will start processing the appeal. This is called post decision activity.