Long Term US Visas for Chinese Travelers

Long Term US Visas for Chinese TravelersThe U.S. has started to issue long-term U.S. visas to Chinese nationals traveling to the U.S. for business, tourism and education. Chinese students and visitors, both tourists and business visitors, can now apply for multiple entry visas. Chinese nationals traveling to the U.S. for business and tourism can apply for multiple entry B nonimmigrant visas valid for 10 years and students for five year multiple entry F and M visas.

This also applies to U.S. citizens traveling to China. U.S. citizens will be issued multiple entry business and tourist Chinese visas valid for 10 years. U.S. students seeking to study in China will receive student residency permits valid for five years. However, this will depend on the length of their educational program. If they sign up for short term courses, they may not be issued multiple entry visas that are valid for five years.

President Obama announced this reciprocal deal when he arrived for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, at Beijing. Both China and the U.S. will increase the validity of multiple-entry visitor, tourist and student visas. The U.S. has already implemented these changes and Yang Bo, Li Aiqi and Ye Peng were among the 11 Chinese nationals to receive the first ever multiple entry U.S. visas. Li Aiqi is a student, Yang Bo is a business traveler and Ye Peng is a teacher in Beijing who is looking to take four school students to San Jose to take classes with American students.

This reciprocal deal between the U.S. and China will not only benefit Americans and Chinese travelers, but is also likely to boost economic ties between the two countries. According to the U.S. Department of State, more number of U.S. visas are being issued to travelers from China than any other country.

Under the new rules, tourists and business travelers can apply for multiple entry visas valid for ten years and students and exchange visitors can get multiple entry visas valid for up to five years.

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