Green Card Holders – Know What Your Responsibilities Are

Permanent resident status comes with a lot of rights as well as responsibilities. Though it is called permanent resident status, it is not equal to citizenship as this status can be taken away if you don’t abide by the country’s federal, state and local laws. Following are certain things that you need to do to maintain this status in the U.S.

File Your Tax Returns

If you wish to maintain your legal permanent resident status in the U.S., you must not fail to file your tax returns. You must pay all your state, city and local taxes. You may be considered to have abandoned your legal status if you don’t file your taxes or if you file nonresident alien taxes. So make sure that you pay your taxes at the right time.

Get Your Social Security Number

As a green card holder, you must get your Social Security card. That is because, you may not be able to pay your taxes and obtain employment in the U.S. without your Social Security Number.

Register With the Selective Service

Registering with the Selective Service is one of the responsibilities of green card holders between ages 18 and 26. Register for the Selective Service if you are a male aged between 18 and 26.

Renew your Green Card

Green cards must be kept up to date. If your card has neared its expiration date, you must remember to start the green card renewal process that includes filing the green card renewal application, Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card. You need to renew your card before it expires. However, you can also file this application to get your expired card renewed.

Traveling Outside the U.S.

Green card holders can travel abroad, but there are some limitations. You need to make sure that your trips are not lengthy. Lengthy absences from the U.S. may result in the loss of your status. You need to prove that your trips abroad are only temporary and that you do not intend to give up your status in the U.S. If you seek to travel abroad for an extended time period, for example, if you seek to travel abroad for a year, you must get a re-entry permit before you travel abroad. This permit can be obtained by filing Form I-131, Application for Travel Document. A re-entry permit will help you prove that you wish to maintain your status in the U.S.

The above are some responsibilities of green card holders. Green cards also come with a lot of rights. Check out our next post to know about the rights your green card will confer upon you.